Thursday, 1 March 2012

Our Favorite Celebrity Couples Of 2011

From Britney and Jason to K-Stew and R-Pattz, we look back at the best high-profile pair-ups of the year.
By Jocelyn Vena

Jason Trawick and Britney Spears
Photo: Denise Truscello/ WireImage

<P>From young love to established romantic empires, 2011 was all about PDA. Some of La La Land's most A-list couples weren't shy about flaunting the love they share. From musicians to actors to everyone in between, the last 12 months were all about sharing the love. As the year winds down, MTV News is reflecting on some of our favorite couples of the year. </p><div class="player-placeholder right" id="vid:703500" width="240" height="211"></div><p> <big><b>Britney Spears and Jason Trawick</b></big><br> The couple walked red carpets, gave each other shout-outs at <a href="/news/articles/1669846/britney-spears-vmas-best-pop-video.jhtml">awards shows</a> and even got naked together in <a href="/news/articles/1672795/britney-spears-criminal-video-director.jhtml">Britney's "Criminal" video</a>, but it wasn't until December that they decided to make it official. After two years of dating, Spears and Trawick took their relationship to the next level, with confirmation that Jason <a href="/news/articles/1676120/britney-spears-is-engaged.jhtml">put a ring on it</a>. The pair celebrated their love and their impending nuptials in Las Vegas. Their engagement sparked headlines and left Spears "glowing." <a href=""><big><b>Who is <i>your</i> top couple of 2011? Vote in our Newsroom poll!</b></big></a> <big><b>Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez</b></big><br> Summing up <a href="">Justin Bieber</a> and <a href="">Selena Gomez</a>'s year into a little blurb isn't that easy. They went to <a href="/news/articles/1658832/justin-bieber-selena-gomez-vanity-fair-oscars.jhtml">events</a> together, and Bieber lavishly <a href="/news/articles/1671462/justin-bieber-selena-gomez-staples-center.jhtml">rented the Staples Center</a> just to watch "Titanic." And when they weren't chilling out, they were giving shine to each other's hard work. Or bringing each other gifts. Remember when Bieber showed Selena his <a href="/news/articles/1669881/vmas-justin-bieber-selena-gomez.jhtml">pet snake, Johnson</a>, at the VMAs? Yes, we knew you wouldn't forget. <big><b>Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson</b></big><br> The two "Twilight" stars seem poised to make our favorite couples lists for years to come. While in years past, they've remained under the radar, this year they came out of their shell and opened up about one another in interviews. Who could forget the time that K-Stew referred to her not-so-mysterious <a href="/news/articles/1672006/kristen-stewart-rob-pattinson-english-boyfriend.jhtml">"English" boyfriend</a> in an interview? We're assuming not R-Pattz. </p><div class="player-placeholder right" id="vid:686198" width="240" height="211"></div><p> <big><b>Beyonc&#233; and Jay-Z</b></big><br> OK, so <a href="">Beyonc&#233;</a> and <a href="">Jay-Z</a> have been together for, like, an eternity, but it wasn't until this year that the pair really had everyone buzzing. When Beyonc&#233; stepped out at the VMAs, her expanding midsection and flashy performance was the ultimate <a href="/news/articles/1669849/beyonce-pregnant-vmas.jhtml">pregnancy announcement</a>. Jay-Z didn't seem to mind all the attention. He celebrated the baby news in the audience with his pal Kanye West. <big><b>Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose</b></big><br> Amber Rose rebounded from her relationship with Kanye West by falling in love with <a href="">Wiz Khalifa</a>. The couple took the world on their wild relationship ride, from <a href="">doing interviews together</a> to <a href="/news/articles/1672027/wiz-khalifa-amber-rose-wedding-rumors.jhtml">sparking rumors</a> that they had tied the knot. These two kept everyone talking and they don't seem to mind the attention, or spending lots of time with one another. <a href=""><b>Did we forget your favorite couple of 2011? Let us know on Facebook!</b></a></p>

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